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Sharon SheltonSharon Shelton

Sharon Shelton attended the University of Waterloo where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and a Masters of Applied Science in Organizational Behaviour. Sharon has worked in the field of social services and community development with a number of organizations in Ottawa and Toronto. Some of her responsibilities included the development of partnerships between non-governmental organizations in Canada and the Caribbean, teaching life skills and business English to new immigrants and developing a business proposal to provide skills and employment for women in conflict with the law.

She joined the staff of Tropicana Community Services in 1988 as the Director of the agency’s youth employment centre. In her 3 years as Director, she concentrated on the implementation administrative structures to ensure the continued effective and efficient functioning of the department. She was then promoted to Executive Director in 1991.

Under Sharon’s leadership, Tropicana has become the largest and one of the most successful social service organizations in the Black/Caribbean-Canadian community. When she assumed the position of Executive Director, the budget of Tropicana was approximately $1.5M and the agency served approximately 2,000 individuals. Current revenues stand at $12M serving over 22,000 individuals through almost 30 programs. She has been instrumental in developing innovative community programs that are a model for providing service to Canada’s Black and Caribbean community.