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Volunteer Project Coordinator

Volunteer Project Coordinator

Primary Function: Assist Tropicana Community Services staff with the development of a new leasing program for its head office location in Scarborough.

• Research potential leasing opportunities and/or models that could be incorporated into the existing infrastructure of Tropicana Community Services
• Assessing possible niche markets for leasing opportunities
• Analysis of existing Tropicana Community Services’ organizational assets
• Research and development of marketing plan
• Developing a work plan

Skills & Qualifications:
• Post-secondary education and/or relevant experience
• Problem-solving skills
• Research skills
• Exceptional communication skills (written and oral)
• Organizational skills

Time Commitment:
Tropicana Community Services seeks an individual who is able to commit to 5-10 hours a week that will include project work, research, committee meetings and any travel within the community that may arise from time to time. The development of this project will range from 3-6 months.

How to Apply:
Please submit you a letter of interest outlining why you would like to join the Tropicana Community Services team within this capacity along with your resume. Applications can be emailed to HDouglas@tropicanacommunity.org.

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