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Raptors 905 Games

Feb 25th Raptors 905 at the ACC
Get discounted tickets for:

Raptors 905 vs. Wisconsin Herd
Sunday, February 25th at
5:00 pm at the Air Canada Centre.

Tickets are 35% off the regular price, starting as low as $15

As a part of the Chinese New Year themed game,
the first 3,333 fans in attendance
will receive a Raptors 905 Plush Dog.

To purchase tickets:
• Visit: raptors905.com/ticketpass
• Discount Code: FEB25TH

Note: For a group of 10 or more, e-mail Autherene Adamson at aadamson@tropicanacommunity.org.

order raptors 905 tickets here For other Raptors 905 games, use the discount code: TROPICANA905

A portion of each ticket sale will benefit
the great programs at Tropicana Community Services.