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Scholarship Opportunities

Deadline for Submissions

Complete applications packages must be received by the address below by Friday April 27, 2018 at 4pm.

Robert K. Brown Scholarship

The Robert K. Brown Scholarship was launched on May 6, 2000 as a part of Tropicana’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Throughout its history, Tropicana has been a catalyst for human and social development. The scholarship supports those who have made a commitment to the betterment of the community at large. The successful recipient of the 2018 Robert K. Brown Scholarship will be presented with the scholarship at Tropicana’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday June 27, 2018 at Tropicana’s Centre of Excellence (1385 Huntingwood Dr.).

Robert K. Brown Scholarship Application

Dr. Gervan Fearson Graduate Studies Scholarship

The Dr. Gervan Fearon Scholarship was launched in 2017 for students pursuing a post-graduate studies
degree. Dr. Fearon is an advocate for post-secondary education, and in particular graduate studies,
because of the need for research and action plans aimed at addressing opportunities and challenges
that currently face our communities. He believes that through education and research, opportunities
can be created and nurtured for the betterment of individuals, communities and society.

Dr. Gervan Fearon Graduate Studies Scholarship

For further information, contact Marcus McLean at mmclean@tropicanacommunity.org or
(416) 439‐9009 ext. 278.