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Important Information

Before You Begin

We are overjoyed that you have chosen to raise funds for Tropicana Community Services and we are more than willing to support you as you plan your event. Your time and effort will help to build a healthier community by enabling Tropicana to support more children, youth and adults to become self-reliant and realize their self-worth through our culturally-appropriate social services. You are an important part of the fundraising team – thank you!

While we want you to have as much fun as possible in organizing and running your event, we ask that you read and follow the Rules and Regulations as written below:

Rules and Regulations


  1. As a registered charity, Tropicana Community Services is responsible for any fundraising activities undertaken in our name. Therefore it is important that you complete and return your Letter of Agreement and receive written approval from us before you begin publicizing or hosting your event.
  2. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses and insurance.
  3. Tropicana Community Services reserves the right to withdraw the use of its name at any time and will not assume any costs that may be involved in doing so.
  4. Tropicana Community Services is not responsible for any damage or accidents to persons or property. We will not assume any legal or financial liability.
  5. If the event is cancelled you must contact Tropicana Community Services at least one day prior to the event.
  6. It is important that you comply with our Privacy Policy with regard to donor information.
  7. All money raised must be received within 90 days of the event.

Promotions and Communications

  1. Promotional and fundraising materials must have Tropicana’s name and/or logo on them, and the United Way logo. These will be provided by Tropicana Community Services.
  2. You must show us all materials with our name and/or logo on them before they are printed or distributed.
  3. You must make it clear that you have chosen to donate the funds raised at your event to Tropicana Community Services. In other words, Tropicana Community Services is simply the beneficiary of your efforts.
  4. If you or the organizers of your event are happy to speak about Tropicana, we encourage you to share the information found on our website and contact us for information that may not yet be posted on our website. Please make sure that your guests understand that you are not speaking in an official capacity.

Tax Receipts

Tropicana Community Services is able to provide tax receipts for donations collected at your event in the following circumstances:

  1. Cheques for straight donations are made payable to Tropicana Community Services and are forwarded to us with the donor’s complete address and postal code.
  2. Please do not send us cash in the mail. Cash donations should be compiled into a cheque or money order and forwarded with relevant donor information (as above).
  3. If you are selling tickets for your event, or holding an auction or a raffle, there are specific rules applied by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with regard to providing tax receipts. Please contact us for specific advice and/or refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website. You must adhere to CRA policies.
  4. Tax receipt information must be received within 90 days of the event.

Assistance from Tropicana Community Services

Tropicana Community Services can provide the following assistance once your event has been approved:

  1. Advice on event planning.
  2. Support letter that validates the authenticity of the event for one year.
  3. Pre-event promotion through an Event listing on our website.
  4. A Tropicana Community Services representative may be available to accept a cheque presentation at your event.
  5. Tropicana Community Services supplies for your event e.g., coin boxes, program flyers, Donation Cards, a DVD/CD about our services, promotional items to sell.
  6. Issue tax receipts, if applicable.

Tropicana Community Services cannot provide the following:

  1. Funding or reimbursement for event expenses.
  2. Mail/e-mail lists i.e. donor lists.
  3. Guaranteed attendance of staff or volunteers at your event.
  4. Application for gaming licenses, e.g., bingos or raffles.
  5. Access to celebrities or other community VIPs.
  6. Prizes, auction items, awards.