A program for girls 8 to 13 years of age, Defy Your Label provides positive reinforcement to help young girls deal with negative labels and societal pressures during this highly influential stage in their lives. The program strives to assist and encourage young girls to become responsible, socially conscious, healthy and self assertive.

The goal of the program is the promotion of self-development and resilience through enhancing familiar relationships, and supporting academic and social skills. Activities include workshops, discussions, podcasts, guest facilitation, and experiential activities.

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This 12-session program consists of 3 levels:

Identify Yourself (beginner level)

Girls tackle issues such as body image and self worth.

Establish Yourself (intermediate level)

Girls build on their strengths and explore topics such as decision making and healthy relationships with family and friends.

Honour Yourself (advanced level)

Building on previously explored skills, this level will emphasize empowerment and leadership.

“Defy your label helped me build self-confidence. When I first started defy I was shy and didn’t want people to make fun of me but defy helped me realize how to leave the bullies and come to a safe friendly place, also I think every girl should have a chance to come to defy because it helped me through good and bad times it has helped me overcome the bullies and haters.”