A community-based educational program which addresses the unique needs of males aged 14 – 18. ManUp provides a safe environment in which participants can discuss topics and express themselves, leading to a positive change in their behavior and attitudes.

The ManUp program sessions focus on social responsibility, time management, financial management, conflict resolution, effective listening skills, trust and team building. Assistance from youth volunteers, guest speakers and workshop facilitators enable and prompt the young men to participate in artistic, creative, engaging activities and discussions.

The Young Men’s Health & Wellness Conference (YMHWC) seeks to create a platform for young men of color to exchange ideas and share knowledge that will help broaden the perspective of at-risk and priority males. Through a series of workshops and breakout sessions, young men will get some unfiltered real-talk life lessons. YMHWC attendees will get an opportunity to win some great door prizes, meet potential mentors, gain access to community resources and grow their networks. for more information and to register your school / youth for our upcoming event visit our webpage www.YMHWC.ca

The ManUp: Roundtable is back in collaboration with Sister 2 Sister, these youth-led discussions explore topics of interest and current social issues to young men and women. The roundtable discussions are set in a podcast (radio show) format which streams on www.g5cu.com.

ManUp: Bballers is an open session for males ages 14-18 of all skill sets and abilities. Whether youth are looking to stay active or looking for friendly competition among their peers, the ManUP: BBallers is the place to be. Not only will the young men’s physical strength be tested, but our facilitators will also help keep their mental focus in perspective through mentorship and positive influences. This program will also feature special guest athletes and coaches.