The Dr. Winsome E. Smith Health Sciences Scholarship

The Dr. Winsome E. Smith Health Sciences Scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in Dentistry, Medicine or Bioscience. Dr. Smith obtained all her education thanks to Canadian scholarships and is a firm believer that Canadian society can benefit from more Black professionals, whose practice will address the challenges and needs of the Black community.

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About Dr. Smith


The Dr. Winsome E. Smith Health Sciences Scholarship is open to:

  • Residents of Ontario, Canada
  • Individuals who are enrolled in any Canadian University for post-graduate studies in Dentistry, Medicine, or a Bioscience program
  • Persons of Black, African, or Caribbean Heritage, or who identify as Black
  • Individuals who have exhibited active involvement in the Black community

Family members of Tropicana Community Services employees are eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Amount


Two scholarships will be given for the launch of the scholarship in 2022 and one scholarship will be given in each subsequent year (2023 and beyond).

Application Requirements

Applications require the following information.

  • 500-800-word essay, which includes:
    • A brief biography
    • An explanation of your long-term goals once your studies are complete
    • An outline on how your proposed research activity and results will benefit you, your family and the community. Include suggestions as to how you might be able to present your research results to Tropicana Community Services and its members (sharing a final paper or abstract or making a presentation).
  • School transcripts
  • Proof of your community involvement such as certificates, photos, news clippings, a confirmation letter from a credible source, etc.
  • Two letters of reference from non-relatives
  • Proof of enrollment in a post-graduate program at a recognize Canadian university
  • Any other documents that will help support this application