COVID‑19 has exacerbated stressors of social isolation, anxiety, relationship breakdowns and food or income insecurity for the Black and Caribbean community. Tropicana has seen an increase in demand for the services delivered by its Counselling team including: Individual & Family Counselling, Violence against Women Counselling, Youth Mentorship and SNAP BACK (Stop Now And Plan for Black, African & Caribbean Kids).

We have pivoted and since the onset of the pandemic have begun to run these services virtually. We understand that these are difficult and confusing times for the community, and we will continue to provide dedicated support to those in need.

7 things that youth and adults can do to manage isolation, stress, and depression:

  1. Establish a supportive network of at least one other person with whom to connect on a regular basis.
  2. Identify a purpose for each day. You can have several days focussed on elements that lead to a single objective.
  3. Practice self-care by limiting the number of demands on your attention and doing those things that make you feel good about yourself; laugh and find where humour exists.
  4. Be mindful of your health. Eat healthy, keep well hydrated, engage in physical activity including household chores, get ample sleep and notice how you breathe so that you are inhaling deeply and slowly.
  5. Stay in the present focussing on the here and now which you can influence and, in turn, act upon for a future outcome.
  6. Find, express and experiment with your creativity; draw, write/journal, dance, read, redecorate, cook, garden, sing.
  7. Connect with your spirituality by being self‑reflective, spend time outside to experience the restorative effects of nature and natural sunlight.

Remember, you are not alone. If you need help or want to talk to someone, please call our Counselling Services team at 416.439.9009 to make an appointment.