Increase Your Success Tutoring program resumes and this year we are moving our classes online. Deadline to register for term 1 is Friday, October 23, 2020.

Tropicana’s tutoring program provides academic support to students in grades 1-12 in various subjects including Mathematics, Language, and Science through an online platform. As part of the tutoring services, this year we will be launching an online health series that will include a health-related informational video on a biweekly basis.

This program will occur twice a week for one-hour sessions. It will allow our participants to engage in personalized tutoring sessions that will help address their needs. Our purpose is to help our children and youth to be successful in their academic journey.

Cost: 1 term = $100 (10 classes each term)
Term 1: Week of October 19 – Week of January 15
Term 2: Week of January 18 – Week of March 26
Term 3: Week of March 29 – Week of June 4

Reserve your space.  Register Now.