Wellness & Mental Health


An innovative program created to help reduce aggressive tendencies in children; YouthSTART provides youth ages 9 to 13 with instruction to enhance the social skills necessary for positive and healthy interpersonal communication, anger control and decision making. Using components of the program, staff deliver workshops and one-on-one support to students in selected Elementary and Secondary schools. YouthSTART is also delivered at Tropicana as a 14-week program that is accessible to any youth in need.

“As for the changes I have seen in Malachi, they have been nice and steady. He is starting to speak when he is angry instead of ‎shutting down; his overall attitude has changed drastically from “I can’t, I won’t” to “I will try, I can”. He’s starting to come out of his depressed shell and walks a little taller. Malachi looooooved attending. ”

For more information on this 10-week program (Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm) contact Josette Leader at 416-439-9009 ext. 254 or JLeader@tropicanacommunity.org.