Tropicana Community Services is helping Dove and MiLO Casting in their search for mothers and their tween or teen daughters for the Dove self-esteem campaign—read on to learn more on the importance of representation in media and on how to apply for this opportunity to make a difference.

Why diversity matters

Representation in media is slowly but steadily becoming a reality. Whitewashing along with inaccurate portrayals and caricatures of minorities are being called out more and more. and the offenders are taking action to correct these misrepresentations. In the last year alone, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s and Mrs. Butterworth’s brands have updated the images they have portraying their brands. And because of this, the power of representation is being better understood by all. Representation in media is something everyone should be fighting for as we all benefit from it.  

Research shows that a lack of representation in media can lead to negative psychological outcomes for those with identities that are underrepresented or negatively portrayed. If young people are watching negative depictions of people that they see themselves in, or are not seeing themselves reflected at all, they may begin to feel unimportant or worse invisible.

Be part of the change

If you would like to be part of the change towards a more diversified representation in media, you may be interested in this opportunity. Tropicana Community Services has been contacted to aid Dove and MiLO Casting in their search for mothers and their tween/teen daughters who are active on social media for the Dove self-esteem campaign. Those chosen for this campaign will be paid $2500+ per person. So, we are spreading the word.

To apply:

  1. You are a female, or female identifying, parent with a tween/teen daughter of any background (seeking broad BIPOC representation. Tween/teens are welcome to submit with their fathers if preferred.)
  2. Daughters are to be 11–15 years of age and is active on social media. Your daughter enjoys watching influencer content as a way to discover new trends and get information.
  3. Both the teen daughter and their parent are NOT a model, actress, beauty pageant contestant, and have no prior professional experience on camera.
  4. You live within a commutable distance of Toronto, Ontario

Submit your application to by Jan 4, 2022, including:

  1. Name, age, location, ethnicity of the teen and the parent. Contact information of the parent. (Email and phone number)
  2. Please confirm daughter and parent are NOT a model, actress, beauty pageant contestant, and have no prior professional experience on camera.
  3. A couple of photos, group shots are great, avoid hats and sunglasses, no more than 200 kb per photo.
  4. Please send us a short video of you and your daughter introducing yourselves and (daughter:) Please tell us the social networking platforms you use and what you like about your time on social networking. (Parent:) Tell us a little about your thoughts as far as social networking for your teen, what you feel she gains from it.
  5. Please provide a list of your daughter’s top 3–5 influencers followed on social media. Please include their name, social media handle, and social media platforms they are featured on.
  6. Please write “Project Dove Self Esteem” in the subject line followed by your name(s) (i.e.: Project Dove Self-Esteem—Jessica & Ava Matthews)

You must be available for the key dates:

1–3 days between mid-January and early March (TBC), for fitting and shoot!


Please contact, or call (416) 546-6974
For future casting calls follow MiLO on Facebook or sign up to be one of their real people talents by completing the online form.