Individual & Family Counselling

Tropicana’s counselling service provides a safe and confidential space to work on life’s challenges. We aid our clients in identifying aspects of their lives in need of change or that require ways in which to cope.

Violence Against Woman Counselling

A free and confidential service available to abused women and their children.

Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker (EYOW)

One-on-one clinical counselling for high-risk Black youth ages 12 to 25 and their families to prevent youth from further risk/violence. The EYOW works with Black youth to develop and enhance their identity, culture, and sense of belonging to their community as a protective factor in their movement through the stages of change.

Transitional Housing & Support

Free transitional and housing support for abused women (aged 16+) and their dependents.

START for Life Skills Training

A life skills development program for individuals aged 18+, that helps enhance the social skills necessary for good interpersonal communication, anger control, and decision-making. The program includes activities such as reflective discussions, role modeling, and demonstrations.

Together We Can Youth Mentorship – Become a Mentor

An opportunity for adults, ages 18 and older, to give back to the community by providing Black, African, and Caribbean children and youth culturally relevant mentorship. 

Together We Can Youth Mentorship – Become a Mentee

Providing adult support and guidance to Black, African, and Caribbean children and youth, ages 9–25, to make healthy and safe life choices, increase resiliency, and make progress toward identified goals through culturally relevant mentorship.

SNAP – Stop Now and Plan

Providing support for Black, African, and Caribbean children, ages 6 -11, who have behaviours that could result in conflict at home, school or in the community.