Individual & Family Counselling

Counselling is a partnership between a client and a counsellor that focuses on the client’s concerns and goals. Individuals have the opportunity to improve their understanding of feelings, thoughts and behaviours and the impact they have on their lives.

Violence against Woman Support

A free and confidential service available to abused women and their children.

Women Empowering Women

A forum for women (18+) to come together in a supportive manner to raise their awareness of issues, share information, learn and interact in an enriching environment.

OBYAP Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker

One-on-one support to high-risk Black youth ages 12 to 21 and their families to prevent youth from further risk/violence. The EYOW works with Black youth to develop and enhance their identity, culture and sense of belonging to their community as a protective factor in their movement through the stages of change.

YouthStart (Communication and Emotion Management)

An innovative program created to help reduce aggressive tendencies in children; YouthSTART provides youth ages 9 to 13 with instruction to enhance the social skills necessary for positive and healthy interpersonal communication, anger control and decision making.

SNAP – Stop Now and Plan

This program allows employers to select individuals to receive government financially supported training, to aid them in their job/career development.