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Here are the various ways you can get involved and help Tropicana Community Services continue the work they do.


Every little bit helps. Donate once, once a year, once a month, the choice is yours. You can even select which area your donation dollars to go towards.

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Volunteers are essential at all levels of Tropicana’s operations.

We are always looking for good people who are willing to share their time, expertise, or various skills.

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Food, Hygiene Products, and Toy Drives

Tropicana Community Services has stepped up to support the community and help change the issue of food insecurity in the Black and other vulnerable communities. It doesn’t end with food, our clients also need hygiene products, and gifts for children and adults to help them celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays without added financial stress or worry.

Harvest Share (Food Bank)

Tropicana takes in donations from various food suppliers, groceries and restaurants and redistributes it to families in the Scarborough area facing food insecurity. We need volunteers, as well as donations to continue this great initiative.

Ricochet (Clothing Bank)

A free service that provides quality clothing to help those with limited income. Tropicana offers clothing for men and women struggling to have adequate clothing. Volunteers are always welcome, as well as donations.

Tech4Transformation (Computers)

This program addresses the need for access to computer equipment for the education of children and for the growing work from home requirements of adults. You can donate funds or computers to help with this program.