Wellness & Mental Health

Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker

The Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker is part of the provincial Youth Outreach Worker team funded by the Services for Black Children, Youth & Families initiative (formerly Ontario Black Youth Action Plan). The EYOW expands the continuum of YOW services by providing clinical counselling to at-risk Black, African and Caribbean youth, ages 9 to 25, and their families/caring adults to prevent youth from further risk/violence.  Assistance given is culturally sensitive and client-centered with an anti-Black racism lens to help youth better navigate and connect with services.  Pro-social opportunities are explored through participating in individual and/or sessions with family/caring adults where youth are empowered to strengthen conflict resolution skills, self-esteem and confidence, resilience, sense of identity, culture and belonging to their community.

Sessions are free and offered in-person (in office/community), by telephone and virtually for concerns that may include:

  • Breakdown with peers, family, intimate partners, or caring adults
  • Conflict with peers, school, or the law
  • Emotional well-being
  • Trauma
  • Accessing community resources (e.g., food security, housing, education, employment, health care, income support, legal and social/recreation)