Wellness & Mental Health

START for Life skills training

START for Life (Success through ART®Aggression Replacement Training®) has been a life skills development program for individuals aged 18+ since April 2004. It uses ART®, a cognitive-behavioral intervention developed in the 1980s by Arnold P. Goldstein and Barry Glick, consisting of three components: Social Skills Training (behavioural), Anger Control Training (affective), and Moral Reasoning (cognitive) to target aggressive and violent behavior by incorporating how we think and behave while integrating new skills to foster healthy living.

START for Life is tailored according to the specific learning requirements of the pre-registered participants. Participants receive instruction to enhance the social skills necessary for good interpersonal communication, anger control, and decision-making. Program activities include reflective discussions, role modeling, and demonstrations. It is  facilitated in 10-week sessions three times per year (Winter, Spring, and Fall) from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Thursdays. The registration fee is $150 (payment options can be arranged for those in need) which includes:

  • 30 training hours in 10 group sessions
  • 4 individualized sessions
  • Course curriculum
  • Certificate of completion