Robert K. Brown Scholarship

The Robert K. Brown Scholarship was launched on May 6, 2000 as part of Tropicana’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Throughout its history, Tropicana has been a catalyst for human and social development. The scholarship supports those who have made a commitment to the betterment of the community at large.


The Robert K. Brown Scholarship is open to residents of the Greater Toronto Area who are between the ages of 16 and 29 and of African or Caribbean heritage and who have been accepted by a recognized institution. In addition, applicants must be:

  • currently attending high school
  • have an offer of acceptance from a recognized post-secondary institution
  • be a member of Canada’s Black community (i.e. you are a Black person of discernible African ancestry and you self-identify as Black/African- Canadian/African-Caribbean/African-American).

Family members of Tropicana Community Services employees are not eligible for the Robert K. Brown Scholarship award.

Scholarship Amount:



A complete application package must contain the following information, including contact information of applicant:

  • Signed Application & Verification Declaration form
  • A 500-800 word essay which includes:
    • A brief biography
    • Explanation of the applicant’s inclination towards the social services field
  • School transcripts
  • Proof of any of your relevant achievements such as certificates, photos, news clippings, a confirmation letter from a credible source, etc.
  • 2 letters of reference from non-relatives
  • A letter of acceptance or a proof of enrollment from a recognized college or university
  • Any other documents you feel will help support this application